Enterprise proven with direct SL data and logic integration — Catalina Technology's ctAPI™ web services for Dynamics SL provides an enterprise ready solution for accessing your Dynamics SL back office from any application that can connect to a web service.
Order Central™ is a full featured B2B and B2C shopping cart system that integrates, in real-time, to Dynamics SL. B2B, B2C, or both, even multi store — Order Central can be configured as a B2B (Business to Business) or a B2C (Business to Consumer) type of site. It could also be configured as a hybrid of the two.
Sales Central™ is a web based application for sales order management, customer maintenance, and order status. Streamlined interface puts complete management into a single screen — Sales Central™ provides sales and customer service professionals the ability to create sales orders, maintain and create customer information, and provide customer service such as order status and information, with direct and seamless integration into Microsoft® Dynamics SL® Supply Chain Management system.
With Account Central™ you can provide an easy way for customers to take care of their outstanding balances without creating accounting issues More than just online payment, Account Central™ allows complete statement review, invoice detail review, and invoice history search. And because its integrated with Dynamics SL® you won’t have to worry about manually applying online payments to outstanding invoices because everything is automatic.
Using the Catalina Marketplace Connector, you can decide which products in inventory you want to sell on the Amazon Marketplace, update the Marketplace when new items come into stock, remove items from the Marketplace when they are no longer in stock, retrieve orders from the Marketplace, and send shipment notifications to the Marketplace when items ship on an order.
Report Central™ is a full featured web application for putting your database reports online and a platform for building other web applications via our extensive API. Web-enable database reports — Create the interface to Database reports with an easy to use Admin web interface. Allows pointing at any server, database and stored procedure on your network with securely.
Catalog Central™ was built around the concept that at its core, your company website should be about sharing information with your customers, partners and employees.
OCLite is less-featured version of OrderCentral online catalog system. OCLite's primary use is as a drop-in replacement for WebOrder. OCLite runs on SL8/2011/2015 and uses your existing Dynamics SL business logic and configuration.