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statements Class

ctDynamicsSL.statements Direct access by developers is supported.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  ctDynamicsSL
Assembly:  ctDynamicsSL (in ctDynamicsSL.dll) Version: 2021.9.16.1 (2021.09.16.01)
[WebServiceAttribute(Namespace = "")]
public class statements : baseServiceSL

The statements type exposes the following members.

Public methodstatements
Initializes a new instance of the statements class
Public propertyApplication
Gets the application object for the current HTTP request.
(Inherited from WebService.)
Public propertyContainer
Gets the container for the component.
(Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public propertyContext
Gets the ASP.NET HttpContext for the current request, which encapsulates all HTTP-specific context used by the HTTP server to process Web requests.
(Inherited from WebService.)
Public propertydbConn
The database connection for non transaction calls in the web service
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertydbConnWT
The database connection for the web service with transactions Automatically created if the license is valid.
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertydebugLevel (Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertydebugMode
Returns the boolean value of the web.config key "debugMode" If global debugmode is not set, checks if debugmode for the service is enabled. Defaults to false
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertyDesignMode
Gets a value indicating whether the component is currently in design mode.
(Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public propertydisableTransactions (Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertydisableValidation (Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertydtDefaultFunctions
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertydtPostEditProcessing (Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertydtValidateFunctions
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertyerrorLogFile
Returns the errorlogfile for the executing service If not defined by service, then global log file is returned from AppSettings["ERRORLOGFILE"] Only used if debugMode = true
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertylicenseValid
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertymyBaseDSLLib (Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertymySite
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertymyTransaction (Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public propertyServer
Gets the HttpServerUtility for the current request.
(Inherited from WebService.)
Public propertySession
Gets the HttpSessionState instance for the current request.
(Inherited from WebService.)
Public propertySite
Gets or sets the site of the component.
(Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public propertySoapVersion
Gets the version of the SOAP protocol used to make the SOAP request to the XML Web service.
(Inherited from WebService.)
Public propertyUser
Gets the ASP.NET server User object. Can be used to authenticate whether a user is authorized to execute the request.
(Inherited from WebService.)
Public methodabout (Overrides baseServiceSLabout.)
Public methodbaseGetLOVByType
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public methodbaseGetNextCounter
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public methodDispose
Releases all resources used by the MarshalByValueComponent.
(Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public methodeditARBatch
Add/Edit arbatch entries. Calls:xct_spDSLEditARBatch
Public methodeditARDoc
Add/Edit ARDoc entries. Calls:xct_spDSLEditARDoc
Public methodeditARHist
Add/Edit ARHist entries. Calls:xct_spDSLEditARHist
Public methodeditARTran
Add/Edit ARTran entries. Calls:xct_spDSLEditARTran
Public methodeditSoShipPayment
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodgetARDoc
Search for AR Documents. Calls:xct_spDSLGetARDoc
Public methodgetARPayment
Retrieve a payment made. Calls:xct_spDSLGetARPayment
Public methodgetARSetup
Gets all values from ARSetup. Calls:xct_spDSLGetARSetup
Public methodgetARSetupValue
Gets Appropriate value from ARSetup. Calls:xct_spDSLGetARSetupValue
Public methodgetARStatements
Return statements. Calls:xct_spDSLGetARStatements
Public methodgetARTypes
Return allowed ARTypes. Calls:xct_spDSLGetArTypes
Public methodgetClientIP (Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public methodgetDBConnection (Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as the default hash function.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetService
Gets the implementer of the IServiceProvider.
(Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public methodgetSoShipPayments
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodisTransaction (Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public methodlogErrorMessage
if debugMode is true, then it will log to the file specified in web.config key "errorLogFile" if the file is not specified in web.config, then no logging will occur writes the passed errormessage to the log file
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public methodlogErrorObject
if debugMode is true, then it will log to the file specified in web.config key "errorLogFile" if the file is not specified in web.config, then no logging will occur loops through the passed in System.Exception object and writes the messages
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public methodoES
Internal use only, not external support
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public methodping
(Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
Public methodToString
Returns a String containing the name of the Component, if any. This method should not be overridden.
(Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public eventDisposed
Adds an event handler to listen to the Disposed event on the component.
(Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public fieldmySLHeader (Inherited from baseServiceSL.)
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