Catalina Strategic Partners

Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements is a cloud API management and integration service that enables developers to publish, integrate, aggregate and manage all of their APIs through a unified platform. Using Cloud Elements, developers can quickly connect entire categories of cloud services (e.g., CRM, Documents, Finance) using uniform APIs or simply synchronize data between multiple cloud services (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Quickbooks, and Dynamics SL - Using Catalina Technology's API for SL) using it’s innovative integration toolkit.


<> is a flexible FORM creation and management interface that is fully integrated into Catalina Technology’s Dynamics SL API platform. <> embeds customized FORMS directly into distributed front-end and mobile applications with a single line of HTML code, and addresses demanding enterprise application requirements including complex user roles and permissions systems, and offline mode use cases. The simple drag-and-drop <> workflow revolutionizes the FORM development and management process by simplifying and eliminating time consuming steps in the process.

Nodus Technologies, Inc.

Nodus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider in electronic payment processing and eCommerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and CRM. Through the partnership between Nodus and Catalina Technology, Nodus’ PayFabric (electronic payment processing), ePay Advantage (online bill pay), and PayLink (one-click payment link) solutions are now integrated with Dynamics SL to improve the A/R process and decrease manual labor.


PaperSave is leveraging Catalina Technology’s API for Dynamics SL product to enhance its Transaction Automation Module. PaperSave’s Transaction Automation module captures data off of forms such as invoices and uses that data within PaperSave Workflow to automatically create transaction such as Vouchers in Dynamics SL. The Dynamics SL Web Services module provides PaperSave a safe way to interface with Dynamics SL in a way that preserves business logic, validation rules, and system integrity.

Solomon Cloud Solutions

Solomon Cloud Solutions, the original architect of Solomon Software®, is a software engineering company with more than a 35 year software development and consulting heritage. With a proven track record in the Dynamics community, we have broad and deep expertise with Microsoft’s latest tools, technologies and platforms and provide high-quality development and service solutions for Microsoft® Dynamics Channel Partners and Microsoft® Independent Software Vendors (ISV). We offer software development, application support, training, technical-support services and technology consulting. To learn more about our services: