Access your Dynamics SL Quick Queries through an API

Quick Queries accessable through API

The Catalina Technology API for Dynamics SL now allows you to access your Dynamics SL Quick Queries through an easy to use RESTful or SOAP based API.

You manage your Quick Queries in Dynamics SL the way you always have, but now you can extend those queries out to your websites, mobile devices, and more.

You can further tune your report by passing parameters to the Quick Query API to limit your returns to just the data required.

Create complete mobile or web based reporting client without having to directly touch the database. Everything is done through Quick Query.

Keep your business logic in Dynamics SL where it belongs!

The Quick Query API calls follow the same API standards as the rest of the Catalina API for Dynamics SL toolkit.
  • RESTful API
  • SOAP Web Services
  • Retrieve listing of available Quick Queries
  • Filter results
  • Uses same security as other Catalina APIs
  • Manage everything in Dynamics SL