Sales Central Web Based Order Entry for Dynamics SL

Online order management for Dynamics SL

Sales Central™ is a web based application for sales order management, customer maintenance, and order status.

Streamlined interface puts complete management into a single screen

Sales Central™ provides sales and customer service professionals the ability to create sales orders, maintain and create customer information, and provide customer service such as order status and information, with direct and seamless integration into Microsoft® Dynamics SL® Supply Chain Management system.

Sales Central gives your sales and customer service staff a powerful order management module that they can access all through any standard web browser. You can even use it in the field on a tablet or iPad!

Demo of Sales Central for Dynamics SL
Connected to Dynamics SL

Tight Dynamics SL® Integration. Sales Central™ integrates with multiple areas of the Microsoft® Dynamics SL® Supply Chain Management system.

  • Customer
  • Sales Orders
  • Event History
  • Product Catalog
  • Customer Pricing
  • Inventory
  • AR
  • Much, much more!

Having all of these areas available on a single screen will significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and customer service staff.

Customize your Sales Central™

Sales Central™ is highly customizable; we have created many instances of Sales Central® that have features and specifications which were designed to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Custom product attributes: We have added "bolt-on" tables where a user can modify product attributes for a line item
  • Customized freight calculation: Use your own shipping and handling formulas in addition to the UPS calculation
  • Customized data lists for customer and product listings: We can give you the ability to customize the data that your sales and customer service staff see and have access to, allowing a much faster search and retrieve capability without having to page through extraneous data.
  • User definable fields: The fields seen by your staff are definable and customizable. Additionally, we can limit or add access to fields based on your criteria.
  • Limit dropdown list boxes to just what you need. The main purpose of Sales Central is to allow sales reps to create Sales Orders quickly. Much of the information in dropdown list boxes (Order types, ship via's, sales rep ID's, etc) may not be needed on the sales central screen. By limiting the listing to just what your sales people need, it gets them to the information quicker.
  • Much more: Sales Central is based on ASP.NET technology which can be customized the way you want!
Demo: SalesCentral
   A movie demonstrating how to use SalesCentral
Sales Central powerpoint presentation
   Download a powerpoint or PDF presentation describing the Sales Central solution for Dynamics SL.