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ctDynamicsSL Namespace

Public classAccount
Public classAcctXref
Public classaddress
Public classAddress
Public classAP_Balances
Public classAP_PPApplicBat
Public classAP_PPApplicDet
Public classAPAdjust
Public classAPARLink
Public classAPCheck
Public classAPCheckDet
Public classAPDoc
Public classAPHist
Public classAPRefNbr
Public classAPSetup
Public classAPTran
Public classAPTranDt
Public classAR_Balances
Public classARAdjust
Public classARDoc
Public classARDocSplit
Public classARHist
Public classARPrintQueue
Public classARSetup
Public classARStmt
Public classARTran
Public classbaseCustomer
Public classbasePublicPJNOTES
Public classbaseServiceSL
Summary description for ctDynamicsSL.baseServiceSL All ctDynamicsSL services are subclassed from this service Defines: Error Logging, Database Connection calls and handling Direct access not recommended and not supported. Call child service(s) instead.
Public classBatch
Public classBenEmp
Public classBMMfgClass
Public classbusinessRuleViolation
Public classca
Public classCASetup
Public classCashAcct
Public classCATran
Public classCertificationText
Public classcommon
ctDynamicsSL.common Service for commonly used features not specific to any section of SL Direct access by developers is supported.
Public classcommoncuryConversionResult
Public classcompany
Public classComponent
Public classCountry
Public classCreditMgr
Public classctDynamicsSLHeader
This is the header required for all web accessable functions in all ctDynamicsSL services This is represented as the variable mySLHeader in all services
Public classCurrncy
Public classCuryRate
Public classCuryRtTp
Public classCustClass
Public classCustContact
Public classCustEDD
Public classcustomer
Public classcustomerEDI
Public classCustomerEDIV2
Public classcustomers
Service for SL customer functions: ctDynamicsSL.customers Comparable functionality to the SL screen (08.260.00) Direct access by developers is supported.
Public classCustomerV2
Public classCustomGrp
Public classDSLXML
Public classDSLXMLLog
Public classEarnDed
Public classEarnType
Public classemail Web service for sending emails using the Catalina Email Queueing and Templating API Direct access by developers is supported.
Public classemailDSLEmail
Public classemailDSLEmailAttachment
Public classEmpEDD
Public classEmployee
Public classFOBPoint
Public classFrtTerms
Public classgenericResultPair
Public classgenericReturn
Public classGLSetup
Public classGLTran
Public classINDfltSites
Public classINPrjAllocTranHist
Public classINProjAllocDoc
Public classINProjAllocLot
Public classINProjAllocTran
Public classInspection
Public classINTran
Public classINUnit
Public classInventory
Public classInventoryADG
Public classInvProjAlloc
Public classIRDemHeader
Public classIRLTHeader
Public classItemCost
Public classItemXRef
Public classJSONctDynamicsSLHeader
Public classJSONHelper
Public classJSONWrapper
Public classKit
Public classLaborClass
Public classLCCodeClass
Public classLocation
Public classLocTable
Public classLotSerMst
Public classLotSerT
Public classMachine
Public classMiscCharge
Public classnameValuePairs
Public classOperation
Public classorder
Public classorderItem
Public classorderMessage
Public classorderReturn
Public classorders
Service for SL order functions: ctDynamicsSL.orders Comparable functionality to the SL screen (40.100.00) Direct access by developers is supported.
Public classPayGroup
Public classPIABC
Public classPICycle
Public classPIMoveCl
Public classPJ_Account
Public classPJ_INVEN
Public classPJACCT
Public classPJACTROL
Public classPJACTSUM
Public classPJADDR
Public classPJALERT
Public classPJALLAUD
Public classPJALLGL
Public classPJALLOC
Public classPJALLSRT
Public classPJARPAY
Public classPJBHSROL
Public classPJBHSSUM
Public classPJBILL
Public classPJBILLCH
Public classPJBILLCN
Public classPJBILLSB
Public classPJBSDET
Public classPJBSHDR
Public classPJBSREV
Public classPJBUDROL
Public classPJBUDSUM
Public classPJCHARGD
Public classPJCHARGH
Public classPJCODE
Public classPJCOMDET
Public classPJCOMMUN
Public classPJCOMROL
Public classPJCOMSUM
Public classPJCONT
Public classPJCONTRL
Public classPJCOPROJ
Public classPJCOSUBD
Public classPJCOSUBH
Public classPJCRMSET
Public classPJDELEG
Public classPJDOCNUM
Public classPJEMPLOY
Public classPJEMPPJT
Public classPJEQRATE
Public classPJEQUIP
Public classPJEXPAUD
Public classPJEXPDET
Public classPJEXPHDR
Public classPJEXPTYP
Public classPJFISCAL
Public classPJGLSORT
Public classPJIMPEXP
Public classPJInvDet
Public classPJINVHDR
Public classPJINVSEC
Public classPJINVTXT
Public classPJJNTDET
Public classPJJNTHDR
Public classPJLABAUD
Public classPJLABDET
Public classPJLABDIS
Public classPJLABDLY
Public classPJLABHDR
Public classPJLABSRT
Public classPJNOTES
Public classPJPAYDET
Public classPJPAYHDR
Public classPJPENT
Public classPJPENTEM
Public classPJPENTEX
Public classPJPFTSYS
Public classPJPFTUSER
Public classPJPOOLB
Public classPJPOOLH
Public classPJPOOLS
Public classPJPROJ
Public classPJProjEDD
Public classPJProjEDDReceiver
Public classPJPROJEM
Public classPJPROJEX
Public classPJPROJMX
Public classPJPTDROL
Public classPJPTDSUM
Public classPJQUEUEMSP
Public classPJRATE
Public classPJREPCOL
Public classPJRESHDR
Public classPJRESSUM
Public classPJRESTIM
Public classPJREVCAT
Public classPJREVHDR
Public classPJREVTIM
Public classPJREVTSK
Public classPJRTAB
Public classPJRULES
Public classPJRULEX
Public classPJRULIP
Public classPJSECURE
Public classPJSITE
Public classPJSUBCON
Public classPJSUBDET
Public classpjsubmit
Public classPJSUBVEN
Public classPJTEXT
Public classPJTFRDET
Public classPJTIMDET
Public classPJTIMHDR
Public classPJTIMWRK
Public classPJTran
Public classPJTRANEX
Public classPJTranWk
Public classPJTRNSFR
Public classPJUOPDET
Public classPJUTGOAL
Public classPJUTLROL
Public classPJUTPER
Public classPJUTTYPE
Public classPJWAGEPR
Public classPJWAGEUN
Public classPJWEEK
Public classPmtType
Public classPOAddlCost
Public classPOAddress
Public classPOAlloc
Public classPOAlter
Public classpoBatch
Public classPOBudHist
Public classPODeptAppr
Public classPODeptApprDefer
Public classPODeptAuth
Public classpoDetail
Public classpoDocument
Public classPOItemReqDet
Public classPOItemReqHdr
Public classPOItemReqHist
Public classpoLineItem
Public classpoLotSerial
Public classPOPolicy
Public classPOPolicyAppr
Public classPOPolicyApprDefer
Public classPOPolicyAuth
Public classPOPrintQueue
Public classPOProjAppr
Public classPOProjApprDefer
Public classPOProjAuth
Public classPOPurpose
Public classPOReceipt
Public classPOReqAddlCost
Public classPOReqDet
Public classPOReqHdr
Public classPOReqHist
Public classpoReturnValue
Public classpoSalesOrder
Public classPOSetup
Public classPOTran
Public classPOTranAlloc
Public classPOUserSubAcct
Public classPOVendReqSum
Public classPriceClass
Public classProcessQueue
Public classProdMgr
Public classProductClass
Public classProductLine
Public classproducts
Base Class for Product catalog functions. Used to call custom non-SL tables and item catalog functionality. NOTE: Procedures/Calls requre non standard ctapi tables and customizations. Does not work out of the box without programming changes.
Public classpurchaseOrder
Public classpurchaseOrders
Service for SL purchase order functions: ctDynamicsSL.purchaseOrders Comparable functionality to the SL screen (04.250.00) Direct access by developers is supported.
Public classPurchOrd
Public classPurOrdDet
Public classPurOrdLSDet
Public classqueue
ctDynamicsSL.queue Service for queue functions for customization/integration purposes Direct access by developers is supported.
Public classqueuescreen
Screen object for working with all data in the queue
Public classquickQuery
Service for SL quick Query of views Comparable functionality to the SL screen (QQ.VIE.00) Direct access by developers is supported.
Public classquickQueryqueryFilter
Public classquickQueryscreen
Class representing the quick query SL screen
Public classReasonCode
Public classRouting
Public classRtgStep
Public classSalesperson
Public classSalesTax
Public classschedule
Public classSegDef
Public classShipVia
Public classSIBuyer
Public classSIMatlTypes
Public classSite
Public classSlsTaxCat
Public classSlsTaxGrp
Public classsmAdjType
Public classsmAgeDetail
Public classsmAgeHeader
Public classsmAgreement
Public classsmAgrPricing
Public classsmArea
Public classsmAreaZips
Public classsmBatch
Public classsmBranch
Public classsmBRZone
Public classsmCallStatus
Public classsmCallTypes
Public classsmCancellation
Public classsmCause
Public classsmCLimDetail
Public classsmCLimHeader
Public classsmCode
Public classsmCodeEquip
Public classsmCodeLicense
Public classsmCodeSkills
Public classsmCodeType
Public classsmComm
Public classsmCommData
Public classsmCommLimit
Public classsmCommPeriod
Public classsmCommSpecial
Public classsmCommType
Public classsmConAdjust
Public classsmconchglog
Public classsmcondepapplied
Public classsmConDeposit
Public classsmConDiscount
Public classsmConEqTaskDet
Public classsmConEquipment
Public classsmConHistory
Public classsmConMaster
Public classsmConMisc
Public classsmConPMTask
Public classsmConPricing
Public classsmConReversal
Public classsmConSetup
Public classSMContract
Public classsmContractBill
Public classsmContractRev
Public classsmCSpecialDetail
Public classsmCustDefault
Public classsmDispatcherNotes
Public classsmDispSetup
Public classsmDwelling
Public classsmEmp
Public classsmEmpAdj
Public classsmEmpArea
Public classsmEmpClass
Public classsmEmpLicense
Public classsmEmpPhone
Public classsmEmpSchedule
Public classsmEmpSkill
Public classsmEqConfig
Public classsmEqHistory
Public classsmEqSchedule
Public classsmEquipment
Public classsmEquipSetup
Public classsmEqUsage
Public classsmEscDetail
Public classsmEscHeader
Public classsmFaultDetail
Public classsmFlatCategory
Public classsmFlatRate
Public classsmFlatSubCategory
Public classsmFROrder
Public classsmInvBatch
Public classsmInvDetail
Public classSMInvoice
Public classsmLicense
Public classsmManufacturer
Public classsmMark
Public classsmMarkBreaks
Public classsmMedCoop
Public classsmMedGroup
Public classsmMediaBuys
Public classsmModel
Public classsmModPMBase
Public classsmModPTask
Public classsmNotesTemplate
Public classsmPagerTemplate
Public classsmPlan
Public classsmPMDetail
Public classsmPMHeader
Public classsmPMModel
Public classsmPMMSchedule
Public classsmProductClass
Public classsmProServSetup
Public classsmProUserConfig
Public classsmPTHeader
Public classsmRateCommission
Public classsmRateDetail
Public classsmRentAccessory
Public classsmRentBilling
Public classsmRentCodes
Public classsmRentDetail
Public classsmRentHeader
Public classsmRentSetup
Public classsmResolution
Public classsmSCQCallType
Public classsmSCQConfig
Public classsmSCQGeo
Public classsmSCQSortOrder
Public classsmSCQStatusCall
Public classsmSCQueue
Public classsmServCall
Public classSMServDetail
Public classsmServFault
Public classsmservhist
Public classsmServHistory
Public classsmServLicense
Public classsmServSkills
Public classsmServUsage
Public classsmSkills
Public classsmSOAddress
Public classsmSOPricing
Public classsmSplCommDetail
Public classsmSubFRTable
Public classsmSVCCalendar
Public classsmSvcEquipment
Public classsmSvcInterval
Public classsmSvcLocation
Public classsmSvcReadings
Public classsmSvcType
Public classsmVehicle
Public classsmVehOdom
Public classsmWrkComm
Public classsmWrkContractRevRec
Public classSMWrkDetailInv
Public classsmWrkEmp
Public classsmWrkExpire
Public classsmWrkInvoice
Public classsmWrkOneTimeRec
Public classsmWrkSalesAnalysis
Public classsmWrkServCall
Public classsmWrkSvcAgreement
Public classsmWrkSvDetail
Public classsmWrkUseTax
Public classsmWrkWeekly
Public classsmZipCode
Public classsmZipLicense
Public classsmZipPhone
Public classSnote
Public classSOAcctSubErr
Public classSOAddress
Public classSOAddrSlsper
Public classSOBuildLot
Public classSOColRmks
Public classSODiscCode
Public classSOEvent
Public classSOHeader
Public classSOHeaderMark
Public classSOLine
Public classSOLot
Public classSOMisc
Public classSONoShip
Public classSONoUpdate
Public classSOPlan
Public classSOPrePay
Public classSOPrintControl
Public classSOPrintCounters
Public classSOPrintQueue
Public classSOReducedQty
Public classSOSched
Public classSOSchedMark
Public classSOSetup
Public classSOShipHeader
Public classSOShipLine
Public classSOShipLineSplit
Public classSOShipLot
Public classSOShipLotWO
Public classSOShipMark
Public classSOShipMisc
Public classSOShipPack
Public classSOShipPayments
Public classSOShipReducedQty
Public classSOShipSched
Public classSOShipSplit
Public classSOShipTax
Public classSOSplitDefaults
Public classSOSplitLine
Public classSOStep
Public classSOTax
Public classSOType
Public classSOVoidInvc
Public classStagePJCHARGD
Public classStagePJCHARGH
Public classState
Public classstatements
ctDynamicsSL.statements Direct access by developers is supported.
Public classstatementsarbatch
Public classstatementsardoc
Public classstatementsarhist
Public classstatementsartran
Public classstatementssoshippayments
Corresponds to the SL table soshippayments
Public classSubAcct
Public classSubXref
Public classTerms
Public classTerritory
Public classTool
Public classTrnsfrDoc
Public classUserGrp
Public classUserRec
Public classVendClass
Public classVendItem
Public classVendor
Public classvi_SiteWithInvtFlag
Public classvs_attachconfig
Public classvs_attachment
Public classvs_qvcatalog
Public classW2EmpName
Public classWorkCenter
Public classWorkLoc
Public classxctAPBatchExt
Public classxctAPDocExt
Public classxctARBatchExt
Public classxctARDocExt
Public classxdd
Base Class for XDD functions. Direct access not recommended and not supported
Public classxddXDDAchHeadTrail
Public classxddXDDBank
Public classxddXDDBankHolidays
Public classxddXDDBatch
Public classxddXDDBatchAREFT
Public classxddXDDBatchARLB
Public classxddXDDBatchARLBApplic
Public classxddXDDBatchARLBErrors
Public classxddXDDCntryGOID
Public classxddXDDDepositor
Public classxddXDDEBFile
Public classxddXDDEdiDataElem
Public classxddXDDEdiDataElemLU
Public classxddXDDEdiDataElemV
Public classxddXDDEdiSegmentV
Public classxddXDDEdiVersion
Public classxddXDDFile_Wrk
Public classxddXDDFileFormat
Public classxddXDDLBFileFormat
Public classxddXDDLBFileFormatDet
Public classxddXDDLBView
Public classxddXDDPPFileFormat
Public classxddXDDSetUp
Public classxddXDDSetUpEx
Public classxddXDDTaxPmt
Public classxddXDDTxnType
Public classxddXDDTxnTypeDep
Public classxddXDDUser
Public classxddXDDWrkCheckSel